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the concept "go"


I take one step.  My feet feel heavy.  I take another.  It’s like quick sand; I cannot move.  I look back and see your face.  Your eyes have changed.  They don’t look at me the way they once did.  I sigh.  “Left, right,” I tell myself.  “Left, right.”  And then I proceed.  Left…right…left…  The tears come pouring down my face like a river crashing down the mountain.  I take one more step and turn back around once more.  You are gone.  And I am the one that left you.

concept challenge

*listens to the crickets*

this weeks challenge is a bit different.

how you choose to approach it is completely up to you, but its a "concept" challenge. what it is about is the concept around....


take it how you like...as a verb, as an actual challenge, a dimension, anything. if your writing needs an explination before how you used the concept of "go" before we read it, then you haven't met the challenge. it should be clear that your writing reflects the concept of GO.

phrase challenge

alrighty i was waaaaay sick over the holidays and all of january. i figured since no one has used the prompts i'd leave january be since its exam month for college-ites as well. either way, here is a new phrase prompt.

i'll deny myself to the end with this sickness

photo challenge

this week's challenge is of photo's.

how it works is like this: there are two photos to choose from. one is a set of three photo's that are together in a series and another is a single photo. choose one to focus on and write about in any style you choose. please indicate which photo you chose to write about; you can say it before or after that is entirely up to you and how you wish to present your creativity!

hopefully you guys enjoy this new kind of prompt.

the seriesCollapse )

the singleCollapse )

word challenge 01/08


please remember to bold the word and use it at least twice in your piece.

onto the new....

alright so here is your first new prompts for 2008. since there hasn't been too much in the way of suggestions things are pretty much the same; please single out the prompt in some way- either italics or bold the prompt within your piece and you are welcome to write in any form still unless specified otherwise.

there is pretty much only one change and that'll be the days for the prompts appearing. i much prefer the lazy days; sunday's and wednesdays. sunday will be for the longer prompt [phrase for example] and wednesday the shorter [a word or the quickfire as i'm going to start calling it]. no one needs to participate in anything of course and there will be specifics regarding the use of the prompts with each post.

i'm also looking for input from everyone here for prompts; suggestions for something you guys want to write with/about. if you have a great phrase or word you just want to see used, you can comment it here or on any prompt post and just screen the comment. i hope that there are lots of suggestions in that we have lots of participation!

without further ado the first phrase prompt of 2008 is....

"are but digital phantoms in this world"
Time bends
like wood
under the force of a hurricane
and I blink
to make myself blind
so i won't see
the gods of antiquity
shatter and devour
our dreams carelessly
with their pieces

I'm gone
and i'm here.
you were there
and then you were gone

Make sure
that you don't forget
to find peace in simple things
like the way a fresh snowflake feels
when it
and melts
on your face,
Smile, solutions aren't so simple
just hold tight,

I've tried to shed
the reasons
that I don't have
to be missed
I'm an allegory
for defeat
I run ahead of the years
spent pacing

in alleyways and memories
attempting however vainly,
to find truth,
so i can watch it bend like wood,
after it leaves your lips.
hello, hello fellow members!

long time no posts eh? well with the new year approaching i thought its high time that this community comes back in full force! i'm terribly missing having those prompts awaiting me twice a week so that i have somewhere to start from to write something.

i spiffied up the layout already and noticed that not too many people bailed ship. for that i was pleased. i guess what i want to do is collect data before starting this place up again and changing anything in the user info.


like what days do you want the prompts? how frequently? sticking with the word/phrase deal? want more than that [like you're given a poem and you are to re-work it into something of your own kinda thing?] would you like to be given photo's/art to write about? free days to post anything for good critiques? mandatory commenting? i dunno...how do you guys want to see this place run?

now would anyone like to step up and help out with suggestions for prompts as well?

leave comments to this post and i'll get back to ya. hope that this is received well and you all are as anxious with excitement to get this off the ground again.




Long, I've searched,
but I've never found myself.
I only end up where I began,
taking a leap,
just to fall back down.
but I've begun
a new day,
learning like a child,
one small step
after another,
until I can learn to walk,
to run ahead of the years
spent pacing

and find myself
where I lost me,
where I lost time,
and live my life
in light.
This is my goodbye
to yesterday, today, and tomorrow:

I can't find the will
to care about anything
won't you sing me to sleep?)
I've found nothing
in life
that I can call real

I feel like drowning my heart
in all the useless thoughts
that float through my mind

my mind bleeds
angels and demons
and all I have
to bandage the wound
is mistakes and missteps
(all that's left for me
in this world)

Pain is just a word
that could never explain
what it is
that's slowly ripping my heart
into shreds
(I want to open my eyes
but I've fallen,
I'm sorry...)